Dental Haemostatic Absorbable Gelatin Sponge

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  1. Dentospon Absorbable gelatin sponge with colloidal silver

    Dentospon - is an absorbable gelatin sponge with colloidal silver, absorbable gelatin sponge helps in achieving hemostaisis quickly and consistently and colloidal silver provides bactericidal effect at the site which is effective against broad range of microbes and bacteria.
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  2. Dental Absorbable Hemostatic Cubes

    SURGISPON DENTAL are used in all the dental surgical procedures to effectvely stops the bleeding and they are designed to smoothly fit in to the bleeding site.SURGISPON® is manufactured from highly purified neutral gelatin foam of uniform fine porosity which guarantees a favourable homeostasis. Gelatin sponge activates the thrombocytes at the moment blood comes in contact with the matrix of the sponge. It causes thrombocytes to release a series of substances which promote their aggregation at the same time as their surfaces change character, and enabling them to act as a catalyst for the formation of fibrin.SURGISPON® provides haemostasis in all the dental surgical procedures to control capillary, venous and small arterial bleeding when binding, suturing or other conventional methods of control are impractical or ineffective.SURGISPON® can be applied dry or moistened with sterile physiological saline.SURGISPON® is pressed against the bleeding site and within a short time it adheres to the wound and control the bleeding. It is recommended to remove any excess SURGISPON® material from the operative field.Haemostasis in 2 – 4 minutes Liquefies in 2 – 5 days in contact with mucosa Absorbs 35 times its own weight in blood an fluids Completely absorbed within 4 weeks pH-neutral 100% biodegradable Can be used dry or impregnated Available in sponge and powder form Compatible with pharmaceuticals
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  3. Dental Absorbable Haemostatic Gelatine Sponges

    surgispon dental are designed in cube, cylindrical and in a sheet form to perfectly fit into the dental surgical procedures and to help surgeons in achieving hemostats quickly and consistently.
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